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What are the restrictions on the use of silicone glass glue?
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Silicone glass glue is not available anytime, anywhere, it is limited.
    Silicone glass glue is mainly used for insulating glass sealing and plays an important role in our production and life. However, silicone glass glue has restrictions on use, so it is necessary to pay attention to judgment and differentiation in actual operation. What are the restrictions on the use of silicone glass glue?
    1. It is not suitable for long-term flooding;
    2. It is not compatible with materials that will seep out grease, plasticizer or solvent;

    3. The frosted or wet surface cannot be bonded;

    4, completely sealed can not be cured (silica gel needs to be solidified by moisture in the air);

    5. The surface of the substrate is not clean or firm.

(1) Acidic glass glue has the following restrictions:
    1. Acidic silicone glass will corrode or not bond copper, brass (and other copper-containing alloys), magnesium, zinc, electroplated metals (including other zinc-containing alloys), and it is recommended to make brick and stone materials and carbonized iron matrix. Do not use acid glass glue. It is used on materials made of methyl methacrylate (PLEXIGLAS), polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene and TEFLON (Teflon, polytetrafluoroethylene). Acidic glass glue will not be available. Good bonding effect and good compatibility;

    2, the connection is more than 25% of the joint width is not suitable for the use of acid glass glue, in the structure of the glass glue substrate is also best not to use ordinary acid glass glue (except for acid structural glue), in addition to corrosion and will produce Acidic glass glue should not be used where there are substantial drawbacks;

    3, the surface temperature of the silicone acid gel substrate is more than 40 ° C is not suitable for construction.

(2) Neutral weathering rubber has the following restrictions:
    1. Neutral weathering adhesive is not suitable for structural glass assembly;
    2. The surface temperature of the substrate exceeds 50 °C and should not be applied.

(3) Silicone structural adhesives have the following restrictions:
    1. It is not suitable for the surface temperature of the base material of the silicone structural adhesive to exceed 40 °C.