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Use and limitation of acid glass glue
Source:Internet | Author:Lin | Published time: 2018-09-05 | 2488 Views | Share:
Where can the acid glass glue be used? What are the restrictions?
    Acidic glass glue, which may not be unfamiliar to everyone, is a single-component component of silicon germanium glass glue. It is a kind of one-component, the main performance is acid, the volatile gas is acetic acid, although the taste is very heavy. However, due to the fast curing speed, good viscosity, strong sealing and sealing function, etc., the product is widely used. Then you should pay attention to where the acid glass glue can be used. What are the restrictions?

(1) Main uses:
    1. It is suitable for sealing, plugging, leakproof and weatherproof. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (interior effect is better). The anti-seepage and leakage prevention effect is remarkable.

    2. Various interior decorations for bonding automobiles include base metals, fabrics and organic fabrics and plastics.

    3. Join the gasket on the heating and cooling equipment.

    4. Add ribs, nameplates and lacquer plus plastic materials on the metal surface without screw holes.
    5. Seal the window on the oven door, the flue on the gas appliance, the pipe joint, and the access door.

    6. Provide instant formed leak-proof pads for gearboxes, compressors and pumps.

    7. Seal the ship's warehouse and window.

    8. The sealing of the glass window of the trailer and truck cab.

    9. Bonding and sealing equipment components.

    10. Form an anti-wear coating.

    11. Inlay and fill thin metal sheet laminates, pipe network and equipment casing.

(2) Note:
    1. It is not suitable for long-term flooding.

    2. Do not dissolve with materials that will seep out grease, plasticizer or solvent.

    3, frosted or wet surface can not be bonded 

    4, completely sealed can not be cured (silica gel needs to be solidified by moisture in the air)

    5. The surface of the substrate is not clean or firm.

(3) Use restrictions:
    Acidic silicone glass adhesives can corrode or fail to bond copper, brass (and other copper-containing alloys), magnesium, zinc, electroplated metals (and other zinc-containing alloys), and are recommended for brick and stone materials and carbon carbide substrates. Do not use acid glass glue. It is not good to use this product on materials made of methyl methacrylate (PLEXIGLAS), polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene and TEFLON (Teflon, Teflon). Bonding effect and good compatibility. It is not suitable to use acid glass glue for moving more than 25% of the width of the seam. It is better not to use ordinary acid glass glue (except for acid structural glue) on the structural glass, and should not be used in areas where there is abrasion and physical disadvantages. Use acid glass glue. It is not suitable for the surface temperature of the substrate of silicone acid glue to exceed 0 °C.