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The difference between glass glue and universal glue
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what is the difference between glass glue and omnipotent?
    Both the glass glue and the universal glue have the same characteristics as two adhesives, that is, they have an adhesive effect. So what is the difference between glass glue and omnipotent?

    Glass glue is divided into ordinary glass glue and hollow glass sealant. Among them, ordinary glass glue is a kind of adhesive commonly used in households. The main component is sodium silicate which is easily soluble in water, so it is also called water glass; hollow glass glue can be divided into heat. Plastic and thermosetting can be divided into hot melt butyl rubber, polyisobutylene rubber, silicone rubber, polyurethane glue and polysulfide rubber, which have the functions of sealing and fixing. Household glass glue is mostly silicone glue, which can be divided into neutral, acidic and water-based glass glue. The service life of ordinary glass glue is generally about 5 years. The life of high-grade glass glue is generally about eight years. It must be re-applied at a certain time. Although the glass glue will produce a certain amount of irritating gas when it is cured, the cured glass glue generally does not cause any harm to the human body. 

    The all-purpose adhesive has good oil, solvent and chemical resistance. It is a common name for the neoprene adhesive obtained by emulsion polymerization of chloroprene. The adhesive of the universal adhesive is strong, and the substrate is relatively wide. Generally, the bonding is successful in ten to twenty minutes, and the life is extremely long.
    In summary, the difference between the glass glue and the universal glue is that the glass glue has the longest service life of about eight years. After curing, it has no harm to the human body and is not flammable; the service life of the universal glue is very long (almost equal to permanent), easy It is harmful to the body, and it is expected to be carcinogenic and inexpensive at the time of using the universal glue.