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What is the difference between nail-free and glass glue?
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What is the difference between nail-free and glass glue
    Glass glue is divided into two types according to performance: neutral glass glue and acid glass glue. Generally used for home improvement bonding. Glass glue is commonly used in home decoration: the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, sanitary ware, toilet, mirror in the bathroom, the gap between the sink and the wall, etc. These places use different properties of glass glue. Neutral glass adhesives have weak adhesion and are generally used on the back of bathroom mirrors where they do not require strong adhesion. Neutral glass glue is used more in home decoration, mainly because it does not corrode objects, and acid glass glue is generally used in the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, and the bonding force is strong.

    Nail-free glue, also known as liquid nail or glue nail, as its name suggests, it is a new product to replace the nail. It does not need to use tools such as electric drill, hammer, expansion nail, etc., without punching, no noise, no dust and so on. Nail-free glue is commonly referred to as liquid nails in foreign countries, and domestically called nail-free glue.

1.Application field
Glass glue
    (1) Primarily used for metal and glass structural or non-structural bonding of glass curtain walls.
    (2) It can directly connect the glass to the surface of the metal component to form a single assembly component, which meets the requirements of the curtain wall design of full or semi-hidden frame.

    (3)Structural bonding and sealing of insulating glass.

    (4) building materials assembly bonding

Nail-free glue
    (1) Furniture manufacturing industry: bonding mercury lens, aluminum edge banding, handle, crystal plate, marble, sheet bonding, etc. 2. Decoration industry: bonding and fixing various wood lines, door sets, plaster lines, floor tiles , various decorative pendants and various wallboard projects, etc.; 3, exhibition industry: bonding and fixing all kinds of calligraphy and painting, signs, acrylic, Zhangui production and so on. 4, cabinet door panel industry: bonding crystal steel plate and so on. This product is used to fix the surface materials, wood, gypsum board, metal, mirror, glass, plastic, rubber, skirting board, blinds, door sill, window sill, boundary pile, pillar, junction box, all kinds of artificial materials, ornamental stoneware, tile fixing On concrete, brick, plaster, wall and chipboard.

2. Product performance
Glass glue
    (1)Wide application range and slow curing speed

    (2)Strong durability and good aging resistance

    (3)After curing, it has elasticity and can carry the telescopic displacement capability of the interface.

    (4)Anti-stripping, impact resistance

    (5)Long storage period, 27°C warehouse storage: 12 months

Nail-free glue
    (1) the bonding speed is fast (calculated in "seconds")

    (2) bonding strength ≥ 3MPA (30 kg / cm)

    (3) a wide range of bonding, suitable for all building decoration materials

    (4)environmental protection, no smell, solvent content ≤ 13%

    (5) long storage period, 27 ° C warehouse storage: more than 24 months

    (6) easy to construct (scraping, coating can be)