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Acrylic Sealant is a one-component, water-based acrylic gap filler. It is user-friendly for interior gap sealing

with no odor or organic solvent. Once cured, it exhibits good flexibility and is nonsoluble in water.

It may be used for general gap sealing around internal wall panels, ceilings, window or door frames,

kickboard, cupboards, and wardrobes.

Can be painted over with a most type of coatings.
Water-based product without VOCs. Water volatilization curing
and insoluble in water after curing.
Good flexibility.
Cured to water-insoluble and flexible seals.

For gap filling in both exterior (painted) and interior situations.
For use in gaps and cracks on plaster, timber, plaster boards, around window and door frames,

between skirting and walls, and along stairways.
Sealing of indoor connection joints with low movement in substrates such as concrete, aerated concrete,

plaster, fibre cement, brick, plasterboards, aluminium, PVC and wood.
Indoor connection joints around windows, window sills, doors, PVC pipes, dry participation walls and ceiling.
Interior crack filling (for cracks not under permanent water immersion).

 300 mL/ cartridge.

Stored in its original unopened package in a dry and shady place below 27℃.

Shelf Life:
9 months from manufacturing date.

White, black, grey or customer required.

Main Material: