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JY710 Nail free glue
    Publish time 2018-06-29 17:23    

  JY710 has super adhesion strength. It replaces nails at the utmost.
Without drilling holes on the 
surface,  the adhesive can fix and bond wood,
door & window,gypsum board,stone,ceramic tile,metal,rubber,ETC. 

High strength and bonding strength and fast to dry.               
Wide application.
Flexible, weather resistance, water proof, and no influence by moving the material.
No containing of toluene, benzene or other hazardous material.
Good flexibility and no embrittlemen.

good flexibility and no embrittlemen.


 Bonding between Metal, Timber, Polystyrene, ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Gypsum plaster
 board,MDF board, Galvanized Iron, Particle broad, Aluminum, Steel, Concrete,
 Cement sheet, Glass or other rigid surfaces.

 Bonding Edge banding, Trim strip, Trimmings, Rubber & Glass skirting, Interior wooden
 panels,Polystyrene foam, Handle to the furniture, Wooden flooring and paneling,
 Structural Flooring Panels, Masonry decking application.
Net content : 300ml

Height : 227mm
Diameter : 48mm
Package : 24pcs / ctn
Shelf life : 12months

Temperature range
-20°c to+100°c
not dilutable
Basic raw materials
white,light brown,Beige
Cold resistance
very good
Shear strength
up to 70g/m2
Solid content
about 65%.
Specific gravity
1220kg/cubic meter